To protect a house from damages one needs roof repairs melbourne, particularly the houses with a shingle roof. Extreme weather conditions increase the threat of damage to the roof shingles, may it be strong sunlight, extreme cold, winds, hail storms and rains. Extreme heat also brings a threat to the shingles particularly the ones made of metal.


Hail when it hits the roofs lays the foundation of disaster by weakening the granules which give strength to the upper layer of the roof.In areas where hails are frequent on every weather change it is necessary that the residents of the houses monitor the roofs and observe the effects of hails on the surface. These effects penetrate the surface and reach the shingles causing damage not only to the shingles but also posing a threat to the roof. Sometimes the storms blow with such a speed that it blows metal sheets, trees or other materials usually stationed on the roof of the houses. Fall of these items on the roof loses the strength of the shingle causing threat to the entire building. Timely coatings can save from disaster.If it is not monitored properly it may result in leakages .


Moss is the result of wet climates. It increases moisture and is not soar for the eyes but also a threat to the building. Moisture penetrates more rapidly, therefore, in areas affected by moss, vigilance of the roof and roof access systems is required to eliminate possibilities of its accumulation.


Algae is a feature of humid and warm weather, contrary to the moss which persists in moisture.Although the extent of threat poised by Algae is lesser than moisture but still its existence cannot be ruled out. However in tropical regions a combination of Moss and Algae can be more threatful. It acts as a sponge and soaks the water. The soaked water rots over time and causes threat to the shingles.


In their desire to make their houses have green look people plant trees on their roofs without analyzing roots penetration and water accumulation. Trees planted on the roofs accumulate water in the roots which ultimately soaks the roof weakening granules causing seepage and ultimately threatening the strength of the roof.Planting of trees on the roofs should be avoided. Alternates should be considered with major emphasis on the factors of water accumulation and seepage. Moisture is equally disastrous for all types of shingles. Metal and wood both get rot because of the moisture.

Termite Control

Wooden shingles are affected by termite also. Wood is the favorite food for the termite. Moisture increases the desire of termite and the settle in the wooden shingles.Their presence is at times revealed when the wood has been eaten up. Such eaten wood shingles make the entire structure weak and due to the load of roof these shingles may crack suddenly. If wooden shingles are used on the roof they should be properly coated with anti termite coatings. Periodical inspection of these shingles is of prime importance for their maintenance. If left unnoticed it is revealed only when chances of recovery are remote.

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