The place where people spend a lot of time is at home. Dinners are cooked, floors are cleaned, hours of entertaining content, and hours of bonding with family and friends are spent at home. Yet, discomfort can still be caused by the home’s acoustics.

The reverberation of hard surfaces of homes today from glass windows, tile, bare walls, and hardwood could often prevent you from enjoying the comforts of your home.

One of the common issues often overlooked by homeowners is having proper acoustics installed in their homes. Professional help is needed to plan and evaluate the home for improving the acoustics.

When it comes to acoustics in the home, commercial acoustic foam panelling offers one of the best solutions. Here’s why:

Sound absorption qualities

The tiniest hole or opening in walls and holes allows sound waves to pass through. The sound leakage and noise pollution can be reduced by acoustic foams by absorbing background sounds and echoes instead of blocking it.

Boosted sound quality

The available models of acoustic foams range from square, egg, wedge, and pyramid shapes. Opting for a model depends on the desired application. Whatever the choice, the acoustic foam will enhance the speech and sound quality of a room as well as absorb sounds from outside.

Installing the foams in corners of the room or where needed helps to minimise sound echoes. The cost-friendly foams reduce the volume of the sound by converting it as heat.

This means that the effect can be enhanced with a good air gap between the walls and the foam panels. The amount of sound absorption is achieved by the foam panels with the wider surface area provided by the air gaps.

The pyramid acoustic foam model is best to use when it’s not possible to create a good air gap between the foam panels and the walls of a room.

Aesthetic improvement

For many people, attaining work concentration and privacy are the things that make them consider acoustic foams. The sound absorption qualities and enhanced sound quality of acoustic foams make them the perennial favourites of music studios.

Aesthetically, the plethora of sizes, shapes, and colours available with acoustic foams provide a stunning look to any room. The colours range from stunning burgundy to purple with shapes ranging from flat, wedge, and pyramid.

The wide variety of textures and colours available with acoustic foams provide tremendous aesthetic value to any home’s interior. Using acoustic foams is a better idea when it comes to controlling sounds going in and out of the home. The smartest and inexpensive way to soundproof a home is to make the installation of acoustic foam a part of the home plan and design.

Kinds of Acoustic Foam

Square Grid Acoustic Foam

  • Great to use for ceilings
  • Modern design is aesthetically pleasing
  • Lowers the level of destructive specular reflections
  • Lowers standing waves

Wedge Acoustic Foam

  • Maximum absorption provided by a single axis
  • Lowers the level of destructive specular reflections

Quadratic Residue Acoustic Foam

  • Creates a spacious feeling even with small rooms
  • Provides a great balance of diffusion and absorption
  • Lowers the level of flutter echo

The multiple styles, shapes, and colours available with acoustic foams bring extra benefits other than their soundproofing qualities.

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