Always check your vehicle before driving off-road. Make sure the battery is securely attached, that all the hoses are in good condition and that oil and fluids, including fuel, are at the highest level. Also, make sure that all four tires are in good condition and inflated to the right pressure. Avoid traveling alone, especially in places you don’t know.

When you are off-road, operate the 4WD mode whenever you think you have to face a situation that requires additional traction. It is difficult to operate the 4WD function when you are stuck. Make a habit of looking carefully everywhere, from left to right, so that you can see what you encounter along the way. If you just look at the left wheel, there is a good chance that the right will create problems for you. Avoid sticking your head out of the cockpit to see what awaits you (which is why Jeep ®Wrangler is equipped with a folding windscreen). In addition, many off-road driving experts recommend keeping your thumbs up and out of the steering wheel spokes when facing rough terrain. In fact, if a wheel suddenly slips on a rock, the steering wheel can turn quickly and the thumb risks getting stuck between the spokes – what pain! In general, in vehicles equipped with power steering, like all Jeep ® vehicles , the possibility of the steering wheel suddenly turning is reduced.

Speed ​​and power are not needed when driving off-road on rough terrain. In 4WD Low mode, the low gears and the reduced speed of Jeep ® vehicles will allow you to overcome obstacles. In many cases, with the manual gearbox, releasing the clutch slowly and overcoming obstacles by engaging the lowest gear is the best option. In fact, the average speed along the Rubicon Trail is just 2.4 km / h.

Normally, in the presence of snow or mud on the roadway, it is the right time to operate the insertable 4WD traction system. Permanent systems such as Quadra-Trac I ® do not require driver intervention. In heavy snow, when pulling a load or for greater control at low speeds, engage a low gear and, if necessary, enter the 4WD-LOW mode on the transfer box (Quadra-Trac I and Quadra-Trac ® SRT ®do not have Low mode). Do not engage a gear that is too low than necessary to maintain momentum. Sending the engine overspeed can cause the wheels to slip, resulting in loss of traction. If you start losing traction on snow or muddy ground, turn the steering wheel quickly back and forth. In this way the wheels can recover friction on the clean surface, allowing you to start again. Once the traction is lost, there is nothing to do. The wheels turn empty and get bogged down more and more deeply. It is essential to maintain momentum to advance.

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