A commercial blast freezer refers to a piece of equipment used to quickly lower the temperature of foodstuffs, thus freezing them rapidly. They are commonly used in frozen food firms for fish, vegetables, pre-prepared meals, and ice cream.

Factors to consider when buying a blast freezer

Before buying a commercial blast freezer, you should first gather enough information concerning the freezers. This information will help you to know the kind of freezer that is suitable for you. The following are the main factors that one needs to keep in mind:

  • Available space in your organisation – The first thing that you need to find out is the exact space that is available in your firm for installing the blast freezer. Going to the market without this crucial knowledge will only result in disappointment because you might end up purchasing a huge freezer that cannot fit in your space, or a very small freezer that will not meet your needs.
  • The type of freezer room you want – Nowadays, there are many types of freezer rooms each with its unique advantages. Therefore, you need to thoroughly analyse your requirements to find out the right kind of blast freezer that will meet your company‚Äôs needs.
  • The costs that you will incur – Well, the cost is always something to keep in mind when you want to purchase a product. The costs that you might incur include purchasing costs, transport costs, installation costs, maintenance costs, and others. You should make sure that the costs will not outweigh the advantages that you will get from a particular kind of freezer.
  • The right company to buy the freezer – Another question of importance is the company from which you will purchase the blast freezer. Fortunately, there are plenty of websites from which you can get blast freezers, if cost-efficiency is something to go by, then online shopping is a reliable source of purchasing your blast freezer.
  • The versatility of the freezer – If your organisation deals with different varieties of foodstuffs, it will be best if you can find a freezer that has more than one use.

The three types of blast freezers

Three main types of blast freezers are available in the market outlined below:

  • Continuous freezers – In this kind of freezer, products are continuously frozen as they move along the conveyor belts. They are usually placed in production lines before the final branding of products. Some examples of continuous freezers are spiral and tunnel freezers.
  • VRT freezers – A VRT freezer, or Variable Retention Time freezer, is a combination of a continuous and a blast freezer. It earns its name because it is capable of accepting items from multiple processing lines at varying rates and different freezing points. They are usually large units that require separate building structures close to the production line.
  • Blast cells – Blast cells are usually single-load entities used to freeze boxed products. They are usually situated in a cold storage area away from the production lines. They can be used to freeze a wide variety of products ranging from raw meat, blood products, prepared foods, and fish. Its performance relies heavily on temperature and airflow.

A blast freezer is an equipment that helps prolong the lifespan of foodstuffs by keeping them at low temperatures as they are being processed in bulk. Search for a commercial blast freezer that will benefit your business.

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