Basically a dual battery system is simply installing a second battery in your 4wd which allows you to provide power to the electrical components in the vehicle. You can easily rely on the power provided by the dual battery systems and wouldn’t have to worry about placing too much load on the engine. It is also known as an auxiliary battery system and is usually connected to the vehicle’s starter battery. However there are certain things that need to be kept in mind before installing dual battery systems.

The main reason why people prefer investing in dual battery systems is the longest shelf life which it offers to your 4wd. It also allows peace of mind to the driver because they wouldn’t have to worry about putting too much load on the engine especially when driving on a rough terrain. For those riders who prefer driving on difficult terrains it might be necessary to use a winch every now and then. Using a winch requires a whole lot of power. It is something which would not be workable if you only have a single battery in your 4wd. It is essential to have dual battery systems installed in the vehicle so that if the need for winching arises there is enough power to facilitate it.

Dual battery systems installation tips

  • When you start the vehicle engine you should measure the alternator charge when it is cold. Slowly add load to the system by turning on the headlights and the air conditioner. You should get a reading between 13.7 or 15 volts. The same test should be repeated when the engine is warm and running at its normal temperature. If the output is less than 13.7 volts you might have to consider a DC to DC charger. However do make sure you get input from your auto electrician to guide you in using the right dual battery system.
  • For those vehicles which have an output of over 13.7 volts when warm, an intelligent solenoid system is the best kind of setup. It would allow your battery charge much faster.
  • After you have installed the dual battery system you would need to float charge the battery in order to ensure that it has achieved hundred percent recharge. High cycle battery would charge faster than a deep cycle battery. This is why it might be a better solution for some people especially those who go on long drives. However there are certain drawbacks to using a High cycle battery. It doesn’t offer more stored power. So if you prefer going on long camping trips this might not be the best option for you.

When buying dual battery and accessories by UV 4×4 make sure that you have done proper research. If you are getting one installed for the first time you may want to get advice from an experienced auto electrician. They would not only guide you in choosing a system which is right for your vehicle but would also for your advice on alternate sources of power which could put less load on your engine.

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